To explore, to discover, to publish—this is

the destiny of a scientist.


-- François Arago,  from 'De L’Utiliteé des Pensions'.

Engineering Magnetic Anisotropy and Emergent Multidirectional Soft Ferromagnetism in Ultrathin Freestanding LaMnO3 Films

Qinwen Lu, Zhiwei Liu, Qun Yang, Hui Cao, Purnima Balakrishnan, Qing Wang, Long Cheng, Yalin Lu, Jian-Min Zuo, Hua Zhou, Patrick Quarterman, Shin Muramoto, Alexander J. Grutter, Hanghui Chen* and Xiaofang Zhai*, ACS Nano (2022)


A Generic Sacrificial Layer for Wide-Range Freestanding Oxides with Modulated Magnetic Anisotropy

Huining PengNianpeng LuShuzhen Yang,Yingjie LyuZhiwei LiuYifan BuShengchun ShenMingqiang LiZhuolu LiLei GaoSicheng LuMeng WangHui CaoHua ZhouPeng GaoHanghui ChenPu Yu, Advanced Functional Material 2111907 (2022)

Dynamical structural instability and its implications for the physical properties of infinite-layer nickelates

Chengliang Xia, Jiaxuan Wu, Yue Chen, and Hanghui Chen*, Physical Review B 105 115134 (2022)

Dynamical Mean Field Studies of Infinite Layer Nickelates: Physics Results and Methodological Implications

Hanghui Chen*, Alexander Hampel, Jonathan Karp, Frank Lechermann and Andrew J. Millis, Frontiers in Physics 10 835942 (2022). --An invited review paper.

Pressure-induced metal-insulator transition in oxygen-deficient LiNbO3-type ferroelectrics

Chengliang Xia, Yue Chen and Hanghui Chen*, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 34 025501 (2022)

Manipulating Berry curvature of SrRuO3 thin films via epitaxial strain

Di Tian, Zhiwei Liu, Shengchun Shen, Zhuolu Li, Yu Zhou, Hongquan Liu, Hanghui Chen* and Pu Yu*, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 118  e2101946118 (2021).

A large modulation of electron-phonon coupling and an emergent superconducting dome in doped strong ferroelectrics

Jiaji MaRuihan Yang and Hanghui Chen*, Nature Communications 12 2314 (2021).

Linear magnetoresistance with a universal energy scale in the strong-coupling superconductor Mo8Ga41 without quantum criticality

W. Zhang, Y. J. Hu, C. N. Kuo, S. T. Kuo, Yue-Wen Fang, Kwing To Lai, X. Y. Liu, K. Y. Yip, D. Sun, F. F. Balakirev, C. S. Lue, Hanghui Chen* and Swee K. Goh*, Physical Review B 102 241113(R) (2020).

Coupled magnetic and structural phase transitions in the antiferromagnetic polar metal Pb2CoOsO6 under pressure

Yuanyuan Jiao, Yue-Wen Fang, Jianping Sun, Pengfei Shan, Zhenhai Yu, Hai L. Feng, Bosen Wang, Hanming Ma, Yoshiya, Uwatoko, Kazunari Yamaura, Yanfeng Guo*, Hanghui Chen* and Jinguang Cheng*, Physical Review B 102 144418 (2020).

A substantial hybridization between correlated Ni-d orbital and itinerant electrons in infinite-layer nickelates

Yuhao Gu, Sichen Zhu, Xiaoxuan Wang, Jiangping Hu and Hanghui Chen*, Communications Physics 3 84 (2020).

Correlation-driven eightfold magnetic anisotropy in a two-dimensional magnetic oxide monolayer

Zhangzhang Cui, Alexander J. Grutter, Hua Zhou, Hui Cao,Yongqi Dong, Dustin A. Gilbert, Jingyuan Wang, Yi-Sheng Liu, Jiaji Ma, Zhenpeng Hu, Jinghua Guo, Jing Xia, Brian J. Kirby, Padraic Shafer, Elke Arenholz, Hanghui Chen*, Xiaofang Zhai*,  Yalin Lu, Science Advances,  6 eaay0114, (2020).

Design of a multifunctional polar metal via first-principles high-throughput structure screening

Yue-Wen Fang and Hanghui Chen*, Commnunications Materials 1 1 (2020).
The complex non-collinear magnetic orderings in Ba2YOsO6 : a new approach to tuning spin-lattice interactions and controlling magnetic orderings in frustrated complex oxides
Yue-Wen FangRuihan Yang and Hanghui Chen*, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 31 445803 (2019).

Coexistence of polar displacements and conduction in doped ferroelectrics: An ab initio comparative study

Chengliang Xia, Yue Chen* and Hanghui Chen*, Physical Review Materials 3 054405 (2019).

Magnetically driven orbital-selective insulator–metal transition in double perovskite oxides

Hanghui Chen*npj Quantum Materials 3 57 (2018).

Pressure-induced enhancement of non-polar to polar transition temperature in metallic LiOsO3

Esteban I. Paredes Aulestia, Yiu Wing Cheung, Yue-Wen Fang, Jianfeng He, Kazunari Yamaura, Kwing To Lai, Swee K. Goh*, and Hanghui Chen*, Applied Physics Letters 113 012902 (2018).

Tuning metal-insulator behavior in LaTiO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures integrated directly on Si(100) through control of atomic layer thickness

Kamyar Ahmadi-Majlan, Tongjie Chen, Zheng Hui Lim, Patrick Conlin, Ricky Hensley, Matthew Chrysler, Dong Su, Hanghui Chen, Divine P. Kumah, and Joseph H. Ngai Citation: Applied Physics Letters 112 193104 (2018).

Design of new Mott multiferroics via complete charge transfer: promising candidates for bulk photovoltaics

H. Chen and A. J. Millis, Scientific Report 7 6142 (2017).

Interfacial Charge Engineering in Ferroelectric-Controlled Mott Transistors

X. Chen, X. Zhang, M. A. Koten, H. Chen, Z. Xiao, L. Zhang, J. E. Shield, P. A. Dowben, and X. Hong, Advanced Materials 29 1701385 (2017).

Charge transfer driven emergent phenomena in oxide heterostructures

H. Chen and A. J. Millis, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 29 243001 (2017). -- An invited review.

Phase diagram of Sr1−xBaxMnO3 as a function of chemical doping, epitaxial strain, and external pressure

H. Chen and A. J. Millis, Physical Review B 94 165106 (2016).

Comparative study of exchange-correlation functionals for accurate predictions of structural and magnetic properties of multiferroic oxides

H. Chen and A. J. Millis, Physical Review B 93 205110 (2016).

Antisite defects at oxide interfaces

H. Chen and A. J. Millis, Physical Review B 93 104111 (2016).

Spin-density functional theories and their +U and +J extensions: A comparative study of transition metals and transition metal oxides

H. Chen and A. J. Millis, Physical Review B 93 045133 (2016).

Orbital Engineering in Symmetry-Breaking Polar Heterostructures

A. S. Disa, D. P. Kumah, A. Malashevich, H. Chen, D. A. Arena, E. D. Specht, S. Ismail-Beigi, F. J. Walker and C. H. Ahn, Physical Review Letters 114 026801 (2015). --Selected as an Editors' Suggestion in Physical Review Letters.

Charge transfer across transition metal oxide interfaces: emergent conductance and electronic structure

H. Chen, H. Park, A. J. Millis and C. A. Marianetti, Physical Review B 90 245138 (2014).

Conduction at a Ferroelectric Interface

M. S. J. Marshall, A. Malashevich, A. S. Disa, M. G. Han, H. Chen, Y. Zhu, S. Ismail-Beigi, F. J. Walker and C. H. Ahn, Physical Review Applied 2 051001 (2014). --Selected as an Editors' Suggestion in Physical Review Applied.

Reversible modulation of orbital occupations via an interface-induced polar state in metallic manganites

H. Chen, Q. Qiao, M. S. J. Marshall, A. B. Georgescu, A. Gulec, P. J. Phillips, R. F. Klie, F. J. Walker, C. H. Ahn and S. Ismail-Beigi, Nano Letters 14 4965 (2014).

Tuning the structure of nickelates to achieve two-dimensional electron conduction

D. P. Kumah, A. S. Disa, J. H. Ngai, H. Chen, A. Malashevich, J. W. Reiner, S. Ismail-Beigi, F. J. Walker and C. H. Ahn, Advanced Materials 26 1935 (2014).

Engineering Correlation Effects via Artificially Designed Oxide Superlattices

H. Chen, A. J. Millis, and C. A. Marianetti, Physical Review Letters 111 116403 (2013).

Modifying the electronic orbitals of nickelate heterostructures via structural distortions

H. Chen, D. Kumah, A. Disa, F. Walker, C. Ahn and S. Ismail-Beigi,  Physical Review Letters 110 186402 (2013).

Ferroelectric control of magnetization in La1−xSrxMnO3 manganites: A first-principles study

H. Chen and S. Ismail-Beigi, Physical Review B 86 024433 (2012).

First-principles study of electronic reconstructions of LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterointerfaces and their variants

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Electronic and magnetic properties of SrTiO3/LaAlO3 interfaces from first principles

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Fundamental asymmetry in interfacial electronic reconstruction between insulating oxides: An ab initio study

H. Chen, A. M. Kolpak, and S. Ismail-Beigi, Physical Review B 79 161402(R) (2009).